Let’s bridge the digital gap together.


Bridging the digital gap.

The biggest challenge for companies is the gap between what people want to achieve versus what they actually do regarding ‘digital’. Agile work is becoming the norm and digital media becomes leading. But the reality is that current processes, working methods, company culture and structure are unfortunately not suitable for a company’s current and future digital needs.

To become ‘truly digital’, companies must completely transform themselves into an effective marketing organization for a digital world. New Rivets helps advertisers and publishers do just this by navigating the complex digital marketing technology landscape by aligning strategy, technology and people.

Digital Architecture

To help you make the switch from thinking digital to being digital, we evaluate the effectiveness of each and every digital component within your company. Our main goal is to give you control by making you self sufficient . Therefore, rather than providing big evaluation reports, we look at how everything works together and determine where and what can be improved, systematically.

Human Capital

The people that are part of the digital transformation are even more as important as the technologies, processes and infrastructure involved. Becoming truly digital will only work if the entire organization is attuned to why the transformation is necessary and work is aligned with employee’s capabilities and skills. Together, we create digital transformation teams that will make the difference.

Technology Integration

For any successful digital strategy now a days, the right technology solution is key. But selecting a (new) technology partner is not always as easy as it seems. By analyzing the technique and / or infrastructure appropriate for your organization’s needs, we can indicate which savings are possible, optimizations are needed and changes are necessary to ensure that you’re in control of your own data and have the insights needed to make informed decisions.

We provide the control and transparency you need.

Tech is not a goal but it is one of the ways to improve or automate the marketing process. At New Rivets we believe that companies can automate their digital growth using the right combination of: Technology, Relevant data, Lean processes and Skilled people. We equip brands to take control. Our distinctive character is that we have international experience and knowledge of the total digital eco-system.

We know what advertisers need. 

We know which digital marketing tools and suppliers make the difference.

We know with which challenges publishers have to deal with. 

By combining these insights, we are able to take substantive steps with our customers to make a significant contribution to the strength and quality of the total.

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